Giving back is important to us

We do volunteer collaborations around SDGs2030 and around our mission “Fostering local innovation to support creative and cultural entrepreneurship in Pakistan.” Write to us with more details, if you are dealing with anything around our mission or supporting Pakistan’s SDGs Sustainable development Goals 2030. 

Our giving-back program is aligned for helping people in the art, culture, and contemporary creative sectors in rural-Pakistan- bringing emerging technologies, power of digital media, and  social and cultural entrepreneurship to them- within the rural context. Nativejetty aims to do this through its work and services subsidies, so they can continue to impact their lives.

We don’t do this simply out of a sense of duty, or a corporate responsibility, but because it genuinely matters to us, and it makes us feel good.

Send us an email or talk to our representative, please visit our contact page to initiate.

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